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台灣竹南蛇窯窯主及藝術總監對談(四﹚- 建築結構對比

Learning from Zhunan Snake Kiln (IV): about structure of the kiln


In the last part of this video series, Deng and Lin shared observation on how the Castle Peak Kiln is structurally different from other dragon kilns, and suggested approach on how artifacts can be exhibited, connecting to history of the community.

#saveourdragonkiln#N147#守護龍窯#青山陶窯 .

📸Instagram: hongkongdragonkiln

📸Facebook: 香港龍窯關注組 Hong Kong Dragon Kiln Concern Group

由 衛奕信勳爵文物信託及 信言設計大使資助。 With support from The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust and DesignTrust.


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