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台灣竹南蛇窯窯主及藝術總監訪青山龍窯(一) : 活化古窯呈現人類用火文明足跡

Meeting the owner and art director of Taiwan Zhunan Snake Kiln

竹南蛇窯和青山龍窯均為傳統窯廠。時代變遷,傳統窯廠被淘汰亦是無何奈何。林瑞華的曾祖父那代已經在台中經營窯廠,陶窯是記憶中的感情,所以一直都從事這項傳統產業。 Part 1 : To revitalise ancient kilns is to tell the history of how fire makes us human Both Zhunan Snake Kiln and Castle Peak Dragon Kiln are traditional kilns. As times change, traditional kilns are eliminated. Lin Ruihua's great-grandfather's generation had already run a kiln in Taichung. The pottery kiln is the emotion in memory, so he has always been engaged in this traditional industry.

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