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書名 Title:器說龍窯 Objects of Dragon Kiln

作者 Author:香港龍窯關注組 Hong Kong Dragon Kiln Concern Group

出版社 Publisher:MCCM Creations


規格 Description:

200 頁,全彩,平裝,中英對照

200 pages. Full colour. Softcover. Bilingual (English & Chinese)

尺寸 Size:180 mm (H) x 250 mm (W)



回到上世紀中葉,屯門還是一處叫青山的地方,那裏有不少陶窯和陶廠,由泥到陶,出產各種陶製品,可見當時香港陶業相當興盛。七、八十年後的今天,香港碩果僅存的龍窯「青山龍窯」,還隱居於屯門鬧市,仍固守着香港造陶工業的記憶。完整的青山龍窯現列為香港三級歷史建築,它由 1940 年代運作至 80 年代初,主要燒製日用陶器,從錢罌、砂煲、渠管到酒樽。《器說龍窯》讓一件件陶製品帶領大家回到龍窯「香港製造」的現場,回望生活的美妙痕跡,娓娓道出我們的香港故事。本書由香港龍窯關注組編寫,成員集藝術、建築保育、 教育等不同背景的陶藝愛好者,致力推動龍窯保育及活化。


Eighty years ago, Tuen Mun was known as Castle Peak. Once the centre of Hong Kong’s flourishing pottery industry, little evidence now remains, except for the Castle Peak Dragon Kiln. The only intact kiln of its kind to remain in Hong Kong, the structure has been preserved as a Grade III historic building. From the 1940s to early 1980s, the kiln produced numerous household items — from penny banks and clay pots to drainage pipes and wine jars. Objects of the Dragon Kiln retells the site’s story through an examination of nine cherished objects that were produced at the kiln. Authored by Hong Kong Dragon Kiln Concern Group, a non- profit organization gathering professionals from conservation, education, arts and cultural sectors, as well as the ceramic field including potters, ceramic artists, and art educators.

書店 Bookstores


TheBookshop, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Tsim Sha Tsui 香港藝術館・本書店 (online and in-store, overseas orders welcome)


Book Punch, Sham Shui Po 一拳書館,深水埗


Islanders Space, Peng Chau 島民書店


Mount Zero, Sheung Wan 見山書店


1.7 Books, Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po 七分一書店・大南街


1.7 Books, Tung Nam Lau Art Hotel 七分一書店・東南樓藝術酒店


MUSE Art & Books (basement), Hotel Stage, Jordan 登臺・The MUSE

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